Aaron Woolf Haxton // Photographer

From the beaches of Santa Barbara to a snow-covered mobile home in Lake Arrowhead to a buddhist temple and tiger sanctuary in Oregon, Aaron Haxton grew up all along the west-coast. After graduating Brooks Institute of Photography in 2006, he relocated to Los Angeles where he began his career as a photographer. 

Haxton is a true professional with over 10 years experience. Having been at the head of hundreds of photography campaigns, from pre-production to the finished product he can execute every aspect of a successful shoot. 

Haxton currently lives in Venice, California with his wife, Sophie, and his scrappy dog, Clyde. Stay tuned as he is working on a multimedia exhibition.

Focus on what is good. 
Learn from the negative 
& move forward with grace. 

Be grateful. 
Be purposeful. 
Love those around you.
Allow yourself to be Loved.
Be the best version of you.
You have no limits. 

- Love, Aaron